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Marcus Bondi Muscle Ups His Way To World Records

July 11, 2018

Marcus Bondi Muscle Ups His Way To World Records

Whether you can chin up, muscle up or barely even get up, we can all learn a thing or two from four time World Record holder, Marcus Bondi. He's most well known for his frequent appearances at the famous Bondi Beach outdoor training park, training with other locals who sport tanned bods and 6 pack abs as a testament to their grueling training regimes.

Don't let his ripped physique intimidate you though. Marcus is passionate about helping people from all walks of life realise their own potential and strength. His philosophy is rather simple: “Your body is your most precious material possession; respect and treasure it!”

Marcus holds the official World Records for Muscle Ups, Weighted Chin Ups, One-arm Chin Ups, 25 Metre Rope Climb and 5 Metre Rope Climb. His training and strength would put a lid on the egos of most gym junkies half his age. Marcus makes frequent appearances at world fitness competitions and expos, from Russia to Los Angeles. With an infectious energy that one may easily attribute to his 3 cups of coffee a day, it's no suprise why he is much loved by fans & fellow fitness freaks alike.

If you're looking to take your bar workouts to the next level, then take this one piece of advice from Marcus. He says that rather than working out at 80% of your max potential, workout until fatigue. In his YouTube tutorial, he gives a great example of this in relation to increasing your chin up reps.

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