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Ninja Warrior James Macris Shows Us His Killer Calisthenics Moves

August 10, 2018

James Macris

To be selected as a competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior is no small feat. For James Macris, it was one of the most thrilling and challenging adventures of his life.

For those who aren't acquainted with James, he's an Aussie who makes frequent appearances at the famous Bondi Beach street workout park along with the likes of Marcus Bondi.

He is a massive fan of calisthenics/bodyweight training and his Instagram is flooded with a lot of tanned, rock solid abs from both the guys and the ladies.

In regards to bodyweight training, he says this about it on his website, "It's an empowering form of exercise. No one can take away your freedom to do a bodyweight movement e.g. to hold a handstand. People recognise the empowering feeling of not only achieving the ability to hold a handstand, but enjoying the freedom to hold one wherever they want, whenever they want. It's liberating."

James embraces a holistic mindset when it comes to health and fitness. He's a big believer in starting with this healthy mindset which filters into all other aspects of your life. Marcus Bondi makes an appearance in the YouTube video at 3:08.

You can follow James Macris below:



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