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Simonster (Simon Ata) Insane Calisthenics Strength & Breakdancing Compilation

March 03, 2018

Simonster (Simon Ata) Insane Calisthenics Strength & Breakdancing Compilation

There are few calisthenics practitioners with moves as jaw-dropping as Simon Ata, aka Simonster. He showcases sheer bodyweight strength at its best with his signature breakdancing moves few can compete with.

Trained in gymnastics from a young age, Simon Ata had a solid foundation for furthering his bodyweight training. Ata has over 13 years experience as a professional breakdancer, establishing himself as one of Australia's top talents. He has taken the title at Australia's National Breakdancing Championship and performed around the world in events like the Australia Open, Grand Prix and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala.

With qualifications in both physiotherapy and personal training, Australian-based Ata started more specific bodyweight training several years ago. From here, he has now developed systematic bodyweight training programs for both beginners and elite athletes. His training draws from a variety of modalities including martial arts, gymnastics, circus training, and breakdancing. Ata has judged competition in Japan and performed in Vegas.

What you can expect from Ata's training style is meticulous attention to detail in technique in order to master the basics. Be inspired in watching this highlight reel we put together of Simonster's gravity-defying moves.

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