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Gravity Grips - Ninja Warrior Grip Strength Training

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The original and the best Australian made suspension holds designed by Ninja Warriors for Ninja Warriors. Whether you are experienced in parkour, a climbing enthusiast or just looking to take your ninja training to the next level, these suspension holds will help you develop ultimate grip strength like nothing else.

Gravity Grips are made with cast-forged pure polyurethane and no cheap fillers. They are designed for the roughest of training. Gravity grips are the perfect addition to expand your home gym, climbing centre, urban gym or street workout space.

The quality is second to none, and thoroughly tested in the most rigorous conditions, Gravity Grips are manufactured using 5/16 galvanised eye bolts for enhanced corrosion resistance and strength.

All grips are sold in pairs except the XXL Cannonball. Hanging accessories not included. Recommended installation and setup guide is provided with the product. 

If you buy another product from Urban Strength, your Gravity Grips will be sent in a separate trackable package 48-72 hours after payment on the checkout.

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