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About Urban Strength

We provide training gear for calisthenics, gymnastics, and bodyweight strength training disciplines like the modern street workout.

Our products build real-world strength to help you reach your athletic and physical peak.

Gymnasts are the true icons of functional strength, pulling and pressing themselves from mind-blowing positions. We believe the fundamentals derived from this style of training, can be applied to any well-rounded program to maximise results without the need to spend a fortune getting set up.

Today's commercial gyms can sometimes look like a "Globo gym" scene with generic programs, posing mirrors, and costly membership fees.

Other programs often overlook the importance of good form, education, and sustainable training. We have all seen “that guy” flopping like a dying fish when doing pull-ups and pumping out power lifting movements with bad form - an injury waiting to happen!

We aim to make training accessible, affordable and fun, and support the groups who share our ethos because at the end of the day, we all come together to build healthier humans.

Calisthenics and functional training is the best way to take control of your body, and gain true Urban Strength. Shop now.

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