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Dip Belt - Weight Belt with Chain for Dips and Pull Ups

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Increase your dips, pull ups, and overall bodyweight strength past plateaus with the Urban Strength Dip Belt. The calisthenics piece of equipment is one of the most effective ways to add weight and build strength with exercises like pull ups and dips. Comes with a chain to clip on added weight.

Bodyweight training is all about testing the limits of your strength under body weight resistance conditions, by adding weight to these movements, you will add a new dimension to your calisthenics training regime. The result will be a noticeable increase to your explosive potential through the full movement range of bodyweight exercises.

  • Made from heavy duty polyester fibre with extra padding, the fit is soft and comfortable as it sits on the hips, but also durable and long-lasting
  • Solid steel chain 60cm in length, with quick attach/release carabina
  • One-size-fits-all belt
  • Built tough and tested on 80kg (an un-human amount) of attached weight
  • An effective way to add weight for progressions to build pull up and dip capacity

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