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The Urban Strength Foam Roller provides muscle relief for strength, flexibility, and recovery. Its ribbed design is more effective at finding and releasing sore points compared to a plain cylindrical roller - you'll never go back. The roller is a good complement to any yoga, gym, or bodyweight workout.

A masseur presses or rubs sore spots in the muscles encased by supportive sheath called "fascia". The foam roller is a self-massage option to achieve similar relief of the muscles and fascia without the expensive massage bill. By pressing a body part against the foam roller, you can find then release trigger points.

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion.
  • Relieves muscle tightness to increase strength.
  • Improves recovery time with circulation.
  • Good for yoga, the gym, and at home myofascial release.
  • The outer material is made from the popular EVA so the foam remains firm and resistant to corrosion from sweat. The inner tube is PVC and can withstand 150kg load.
  • 14cm in diameter and 33cm in length. Suited for all major foam rolling exercises.

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