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Gym Chalk Block - Magnesium Carbonate

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Made with 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate, Urban Strength’s Ultimate Grip Gym Chalk is the go to product for weightlifters, cross-fitters, Ninja Warriors, climbers, and gymnastic athletes alike. We have tried quite a number of different branded chalk products, and find this one stands up to them all.

This product comes recommended from one of the best Ninja Warrior training centres in Australia. The gym chalk applies easily, holds its form on the block, and doesn’t crumble or turn to powder as much as others. The chalk does exactly what it is designed to do - reduce moisture and provide enhanced grip at an affordable price.

  • Packaged in individual 56 gram blocks. We recommend ordering 8 blocks
  • Chalk blocks are heavily compacted to ensure minimal crumbling
  • Doesn't clump or coagulate as much, even if you are a sweaty beast
  • Adds ultimate gripping strength to all bar, ring, and climbing holds

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