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Gymnastic Hand Grips - Leather Gloves for Bars

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Sick and tired of coming home after pushing to your limit at the gym, only to find your hands shredded and calloused? By neglecting hand protection, you're simply making training unnecessarily painful and harder.

Protect your hands and avoid those nasty rips and tears with the Urban Strength Gymnastics Hand Grips. The natural soft leather feels great right out of the box and will continue to mould to the shape of your hands the more you use them.

For superior grip, reduced slippage and ultimate protection, slap some quality chalk on your hands once you have the fitted the grips. Due to the natural leather, the chalk will add further to the grip effect rather than take away from it.

  • Helps prevent tearing and blisters with bar and ring work
  • Adjustable velcro straps for a firm hold around wrists
  • Natural leather that wears in and moulds to your hands with use
  • Increases grip and lets you hang onto the bar for longer, which often equals a better workout for increased strength

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