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Resistance Bands - Heavy Duty Exercise and Stretch Bands

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Urban Strength's Resistance Bands can be used in various applications, from strength development, assisting pull ups, progressions, powerlifting, mobility, and stretching to name a few. Available to purchase individually or as a set of four bands, they vary in resistance from light to heavy. The thicker the band, the higher the resistance.

Work your way through the strength development process with even the most difficult movements, as a beginner or more advanced athlete. Beginner and advanced athletes can use them to reduce bodyweight to help with movements like pull ups, muscle ups, front and back levers, crosses (and the list goes on).

  • Allows people of all skill levels to get started, building the strength required for even the most difficult and technical calisthenics manoeuvres
  • Easily scale up and down depending on progress and development
  • Used as an aid for stretching, rehabilitation, functional coaching and much more
  • Made from high quality latex rubber - hard wearing and long lasting
  • Save when you buy all four bands in a single order
 Colour Weight Measurements Resistance
Red 121g 2080mm*4.5mm*13mm 6.8-13.6kg
Black 196g 2080mm*4.5mm*21mm 15.8-31.7kg
Purple 297g 2080mm*4.5mm*32mm 20.4-45.3kg
Green 420g 2080mm*4.5mm*45mm 22.6-54.4kg

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