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Urban Strength Parallettes - Parallette Bars

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The Urban Strength original brand Parallette bars are finally here! After searching high and low for the best quality manufacturers globally, we have finally decided on these little beauties! Parallettes are a unique and convenient bodyweight training tool for anyone wanting to develop core stabilising exercises and serious upper body strength. Working through progressions like leg tucks, dips, L-sits, V-sits and handstands to the more advanced holds like the planche, you will get huge benefits and strength gains by incorporating this piece of equipment into your training program.

  • All new Urban Strength brand – It has our name on it so you know we back the quality
  • Made from heavy duty steel composition, these parallettes only made the final cut after and rigorous testing to guarantee the quality of build
  • A truly versatile piece of equipment allowing for full body/ compound and core strength development
  • Comes delivered wrapped in a thin layer of plastic to ensure the black powder coating is perfect at your door
  • Great for use by beginners, for rehabilitation exercises and a must have for those with more experience looking to take their calisthenics capabilities to the next level

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