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Wooden Gymnastic Rings With Straps

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The Urban Strength Wooden Gymnastic Rings are the perfect way to build strength and develop stabilising muscles in your upper body. From push ups to ring dips and more advanced movements like muscle ups, front levers, and the coveted iron cross. By adding gymnastics rings into your routine, you'll give your upper body gains you cannot get any other way.

Wooden rings are loved by Olympic gymnasts because they are softer on the hands and provide more grip when sweating compared to plastic gym rings. Unless you're advanced in calisthenics and gymnastics using the false grip, chalk is unnecessary to stop slippage on these grippy rings.

  • Crafted from genuine birch timber
  • 2.8cm (1.1in) grip diameter, 24cm (9.5in) ring width (gymnastic competition standard), and total weight of 1.8kg. These are Olympic-standard rings
  • 300kg maximum load rating
  • 4.7m straps when fully unrolled. We love to use the rings by throwing the straps (using the buckle as weight) over a solid tree branch or jungle gym equipment at the park
  • Quick adjustable buckles for the right height off the ground. See our 30-second video tutorial on how to tighten the buckles
  • Increase upper body strength and balance. Perfect for beginner and advanced movements

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